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Birds of a Feather [clear filter]
Tuesday, October 22


LLDB has seen an influx of contributions over the past year, with the highest level of activity we've seen in the past 4 years. Let's use this BoF to discuss everybody's goals and identify places where we can synchronize our efforts. Some potential topics include breaking up dependencies in LLDB, support cross-module references, upstreaming of language supports (swift, rust), and improving Windows support.

Tuesday October 22, 2019 5:50pm - 6:20pm
Breakout Room-2 (LL21CD)
Wednesday, October 23


LLVM Foundation BoF
LLVM Foundation BoF. More coming soon.

avatar for Tanya Lattner

Tanya Lattner

President, LLVM Foundation
President, LLVM Foundation

Wednesday October 23, 2019 9:50am - 10:25am
Breakout Room-2 (LL21CD)


Towards better code generator design and unification for a stack machine
By design, LLVM backend infrastructure is geared towards classical register-based architectures. Thus, adapting it to a stack machine implies additional LLVM passes that are likely to vary depending on a target. For instance, the Selection DAG cannot produce instructions that directly handle the stack. Instead, it selects a relevant instruction version designed to work with registers. Then, MIR passes are performed to insert stack manipulations (pushes, pops, exchanges) and to convert instructions handling virtual registers into those handling stack slots. The suggested logic seems quite generic and not limited to a specific stack-based virtual machine. It is similar to other optimizations and analytical approaches that can be applied to stack machines regardless of the specific instruction set.
Previously, WebAssembly was the only implementation that needed a comprehensive stackification logic, now we created an option for the TON virtual machine (TVM). Given that stack machines are great for binary size minimization, stackification solutions are likely to face demand from other domains. So, we would love to discuss whether or not the community needs generic algorithms that can be integrated with various backends and if stack-machine support might benefit the target-independent code generator.


Wednesday October 23, 2019 5:00pm - 5:35pm
Breakout Room-2 (LL21CD)


Debug Info BoF
As evidenced by the debug info quality metrics introduced at last year's Debug Info BoF session, there have been significant improvements to LLVM's handling of debug info in optimized code throughout 2019. With a growing number of debug info contributors in the LLVM community, this session provides a forum to highlight recent improvements and areas that need attention. We will use the opportunity to summarize the current state of LLVM debug info quality and then open the floor to a discussion about future directions.

avatar for Adrian Prantl

Adrian Prantl

Ask me about debug information in LLVM, Clang and Swift!

Wednesday October 23, 2019 5:35pm - 6:10pm
Breakout Room-2 (LL21CD)